Michael Sawyer

I wanted to write to you folks today to tell you what a pleasure it has been – dealing with you.

I’m so excited to have a REAL raft oriented outdoor store in the East! Your crew is knowledgeable and practical. Every question I’ve asked as been answered starting with, “in my experience…” That is huge. As us old school kayakers get a little mileage on us, we start looking at the various raft options and it really helps having someone to talk to. I’ve also been impressed with the efforts your staff has made in getting my purchases to me. This Summer I had a big trip out West and wanted a new cooler – one of the fancy ones. Someone at your place made a special night time drop to get it to the shipper that night so that I would have it before I left! It came as we were finishing packing and the cooler was great. (We had it flown in to our resupply spot.)

Thanks again for your efforts and I wish the best for your shop. We really need you around.