Gabriel Gray

I’ve always had the mindset that this beautiful thing we call life is one big adventure, and its here in front of our faces to be explored.  I’m Gabriel, my passion is the outdoors. Although I may not be a writer, or have an English degree, and even though some say I “talk funny,” I love to relay my experiences of this awesome world out there to those that can’t get to experience it near enough, and hopefully in some small way, bring out more love and respect for nature in everyone that follows my journeys.

I grew up on a cattle farm in North Florida. I learned at a young age how to respect and live off the land. I began rodeoing at 12 years old and spent the next 15 years of my life traveling from rodeo to rodeo exploring every inch of this country as best I could. After a life of guiding hunters in the wintery Sierra Nevada Mountains  and  rodeoing  I decided moved back home to rediscover my roots along the Gulf Coast and inland waterways. There I became a Firefighter/EMT and USLA open water lifeguard. Living on the unique North Florida coast I got to experience paddleboarding in so many different aspects.   As I grew in the sport, witnessing the many advantages of stand up paddle boarding (SUP), my wife and I decided to open a small ‘mom and pop’ SUP lesson and eco-tour business called Walkin’ on Water Paddleboards.  Shortly after, wanting to better myself and my services, I became a World Paddle Association (WPA) level II instructor. Paddling the North Florida backcountry for years coupled with my love for nature and wish for bettering the waterways around me, I easily transitioned into the more specific sport of expedition SUP paddling. In 2013 I started a grass-roots project called Fight To Save Our American Rivers (SOAR). This project’s goal’s are to spread awareness for the waterways around us, and emphasize importance of clean water on a national and eventually global scale.