Eli Helbert

The Canoe Guru, Eli Helbert, is a 3rd generation canoeist who spends his free time canoeing into the most pristine and spectacular valleys of the world.  He has taken top honors at 2 World Championships, a World Cup and a World Extreme Race as well as numerous National and Regional Canoeing Titles.  He enjoys living out of his canoe for weeks at a time, and he sleeps comfortably under bridges and buses.  These days he usually brings his tent although he more often is found sleeping in his hammock beside a warm riverbank in pursuit of his passion.

The Canoe Guru began his teaching career with the Boy Scouts in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Since then he has taught courses for the Nantahala Outdoor Center in the Smokey Mountains, La Ola school of paddling in Germany and Austria, the Bear Paw Outdoor Center in northern Wisconsin, the Canoe Rack in Montana and Idaho, Oxford Riverside Center in England as well as participating in numerous other fantastic demos and canoeing events around the world.