Dan McCain

I was born and raised in Helena, Montana and first became interested in Whitewater rafting while a student at Montana State University in Bozeman.  I rented a raft from the university and ran a Class III section of the Yellowstone River.  I was immediately hooked from that point on!  I continued to raft various rivers in Montana and eventually rafted the Lochsa in Idaho and made it an annual trip to meet friends there on Memorial Day.

After spending a few years in Australia and then graduating from Montana State University, I moved to Oregon, which I thought was an ideal location for me because I could still get out and on the rivers in a short time and enjoy the outdoors; being a Montana native, this was especially important to me.  I started doing more and more rafting and had soon been down most of the rivers that were commonly rafted.  I rafted with the Oregon Rafting Team for a few years.  However, after I met a kayaker named Jacob Cruiser, rafting completely changed for me.  Jacob liked to do the more challenging runs and convinced me to go along to many places that had never been rafted (probably for good reasons!).  Since that time, rafting has never been the same for me; I have been fortunate enough to see some of the best scenery in the country by rafting into and through these places and was able to capture many of them in photos thanks to Paul Thomas who was always willing to get out early and set up his camera and wait patiently for the raft to come down!

Some of my favorite rafting excursions have been Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge, the Little White Salmon (all time favorite), Cispus, North Fork of the Snoqualmie, The Big Quilcene, the Carbon River, the NF of Payette, Box Canyon of the Ashlu, and most recently Tatlow Creek in BC. The trip down the Middle Fork of the Kings River that I rafted with Jeff Compton (along with kayakers Matt King, Willie and Ben Dinsdale) this past June had to have been one of the highlights of my rafting career!  Another advantage to rafting has been all of the kayakers and rafters that I have been fortunate enough to have met and rafted with.

In addition to my #1 outside interest (Whitewater Rafting) I also enjoy rock climbing (I was fortunate enough to have climbed the Grand Teton with my buddy Aeric and to climb Mt Ranier), ice climbing, hiking with my fiancé, and rodeo (well, I actually only tried that one once and ended up with a concussion which ended my short rodeo career!)

I am presently a student at Oregon State University/Oregon Health and Sciences University College of Pharmacy and will have a dual degree, PharmD/MBA when I graduate.  I live in Portland and am engaged to Gena Vinsky.  All of this keeps me pretty busy, but I still manage to get on the river every chance I get and am usually dreaming of my next whitewater adventure!

The “Greater Team” who have all benefited greatly from Watershed

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