Day Hikes from the River

    If you are planning on a boating trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, don't leave without Day Hikes from the River - A Guide to 100 Hikes, by Tom Martin.

    • Subject Matter: Guidebooks
    • Author: Tom Martin
    • Copyright: 2010 4th Edition
    • Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
    • Pages: 224
    • Features: Topo maps in black and white, various scales

    • This book gives you detailed descriptions on where the hike starts from the river, various routes, landmarks, degrees of difficulty, etc
    • Each hike area is accompanied by a topo map with the routes marked
    • The hike descriptions are as easy to follow as a cookbook
    • Tom Martin has been hiking through the Grand Canyon, from the river, since 1969. These hike descriptions are from personal experience

    Day Hikes from the River

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