Watershed Ocoee Duffel

    The smallest of our popular duffel-style submersible bags. The Ocoee fits in tight places such as below the deck of a kayak or under a boat seat. Great for a few pieces of extra clothing and lunch, a first aid kit. Accessorize with a Watershed padded liner, divider set and shoulder strap to make a great waterproof camera bag

    • Weight: 1 lb, 7 oz
    • Capacity: 900 CU. IN. (15 L)
    • Dimensions: 9"H x 16"L x 8"W
    • Opening Size: 13"
    • Closure Type: ZipDry

    • Rugged carrying handles
    • Several hard lash points
    • Multiple compression straps

    Watershed Ocoee Duffel

    Item #FGW-OCO


    I had no worries regarding the legendary waterproofness of Watersheds bags, but would it hold up to temperatures expected below -20 deg F. I was concerned that the material would become brittle and stiff like so many others have when the temperature dips. It didn’t take long to test this, the first morning dawned at -25 deg. Midday with the temperatures still -15 I had to get my second pair of gloveliners out of the bag, to my great comfort the bag opened with no stiffness, it performed perfectly relieving any stress I had in choosing the Animas as my sole bag for 2 weeks in the Canadian bush. Whether it was tossed in the snow, strapped to the snowmachine or my back, the Animas backpack performed flawlessly regardless of temperature. Thanks for making a great drybag, finally one for all seasons! Matt Scharl