NRS Stern Frame

    Guide your paddle crew from the NRS Stern Frame. Available with our durable padded seat (for comfort) or a Skidguard Slant Seat, (better for stacking rafts). Fully adjustable to compensate for the rise built into the stern of your boat. Large fits boats 14 feet or larger. Low-Back Drain Hole Seat & 8" oar mounts included.

    • Frame Type: Raft Frames
    • Weight: Large is 37 lbs.
    • Material: Modular Anondized Aluminum Frame
    • Components: 2 - Side Rails, 1 - Foot Bar, 1 - Seat Bar, 1 Low-back Drain Hole Seat, 1 - Pair of 8" Oar Mounts

    NRS Stern Frame

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    Item #92007.01