Carlisle Outfitter Paddle

    Favored by commercial outfitters for its high strength-to-weight ratio, this 7.5" x 21.5" reinforced blade is fitted with a 1-1/8" aluminum shaft. The shaft is covered with high-density polyethylene to provide a grip that resists nicks, dents and oxidation, and gives a warmer feel than bare aluminum

    • Grip: T-grip
    • Blade Material: Polyethylene
    • Blade Size: 19cm W x 54.6cm L (7.5" W x 21.5" L)
    • Blade Shape: Symmetrical
    • Shaft Material: High density polyethylene covered aluminum
    • Breakdown: No
    • Control: Right or left hand
    • Paddle weight: 1077 g = 38 oz at 152 cm = 60 in
    • Application: Rafting/Canoeing

    Carlisle Outfitter Paddle

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