G-Form Protective Compression Shirt

    This low-profile Compression Shirt is your own personal shield. Its padding is designed to protect and support your shoulders, sternum and ribs with G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT™): a composite blend of Poron® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form technology. It’s the protective force you need to buffer the body blows that otherwise lead to major injuries.

    • The G-Form Compression Shirt literally acts like armor. Absorbing over 90% of impact forces — time after time — while giving you full athletic mobility. You’ll forget you’re wearing it. Thanks to the incredible comfort of our breathable, wicking compression fabric, our Compression Shirt is durable enough for heavy use, and able to stand up to repeated washings
    • Fully NOCSAE approved for all levels of play

    G-Form Protective Compression Shirt

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