NRS Oar Tether Pair

    Don't lose your oar. The NRS Oar Tether keeps that oar anchored to the boat if it pops off the oarlock or pin. And the quick release buckle lets you easily remove your oar when needed.

    • 30" polypropylene strap
    • Stainless steel rings - 2 3/8" inside diameter
    • Quick-release 1" cam buckle
    • Sold in pairs

    • An unexpected loss of an oar can ruin your whole day. The Oar Tether gives you a fighting chance to get that oar back in place in time to avert disaster.
    • Put one metal ring underneath the oarlock or pin. Or slide the ring under the frame side rail and loop the strap through it to secure it to the frame.
    • Detach the blade from your oar and slide the other metal ring onto the oar shaft.
    • The NRS Cam Buckle joins the two halves of the Oar Tether and lets you adjust the length of the Tether and easily remove the oar when needed.
    • The Tethers come as a pair, so you've got both oars protected
    • Note: These oar tethers do not fit the full size Sawyer Oars.

    NRS Oar Tether Pair

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