Boardworks Super Sport 12' 6

    Bring your fitness to a new personal beset with the Super Sport 12’6″. This is the perfect board for fitness training, recreational racing and touring. Made with many of the same design features as our Eradicator race SUPs, the Super Sport is designed for superior glide and speed with added stability.

    • Excels in a wide variety of conditions from flatwater to open ocean and downwind paddling
    • Fairly flat rocker for speed
    • Flat bottom with V off the tail for easy water release
    • Mildly recessed cockpit for lower center of gravity and easy foot movement
    • Wide point back for stability
    • Low entry rocker for excelling in flatwater
    • Forward fin placement for fast buoy turns and performance in the surf
    • Comfortable diamond groove traction pad
    • Deck tie down plugs for transporting gear
    • Self regulating vent plug to relieve pressure
    • Single tour/race fin for speed and tracking
    • LiftSUP handle for running beach starts, easy portage and locking

    Boardworks Super Sport 12' 6

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