NRS Frame Stern Seat Mount with Seat

    The NRS Stern Seat Mount attaches to the rear crossbar to put your angler up where the action is. The Swivel Fishing Seat rotates 360 degrees for unlimited casting angles. You can also attach the Anchor Mount to the seat bar. The Stern Seat Mount is offered in three stock sizes. Follow the directions in the bottom paragraph to determine the size for your boat. The Small sizes are designed for 54" or narrower frames. The Large is for 60" and wider frames. We've added the Small - 39" version for AIRE Puma rafts, which take 48" or 54" wide frames and need the longer stern rails.

    • Sizing: Large = 60" or Larger frames, Small 32" = 54" or narrower frames, Small 39" = Aire frames (48" - 54") that require longer stern rails.
    • Frame Type: Fishing Frames
    • Weight: 23lbs for Large
    • Material: Modular Anondized Aluminum Frame
    • Components: 2 - Side Rails, 1 - Cross Bar, 1 - Universal Seat Mount, 1 - High-Back Swivel Seat

    • The seat mount rests on the raft stern tube, elevating the angler for better visibility and casting.
    • The included Angler Swivel Fishing Seat provides all day seating comfort.
    • The included High-Back Swivel Seat lets you fish in comfort all day long.
    • The padded seat swivels easily for the best seating angle.
    • The side rails curve to follow the raft tubes, keeping the stern compartment open and clear.
    • Angler Swivel Seat is not recommended for whitewater.

    NRS Frame Stern Seat Mount with Seat

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