NRS Casting Platform Rear, Small

    You're on solid footing with the NRS Rear Casting Platform. Clamp it to any NRS frame crossbar and you have the perfect platform to stand on while making the perfect cast.

    • Material: 1-5/8" 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum Frame Pipe
    • Components: 1 - Marine Grade Plywood, 4 - NRS Frame Pipes with LoPro Fittings, 4 - U-Bolts with nuts and washers, 2 - Rubber Frame Plugs

    • Skidguard marine-grade plywood. The textured laminate surface gives you good footing
    • Clamps with our LoPro Frame Fittings to any NRS Crossbar for a custom casting location
    • The hole in the end of the platform allows you to secure the platform to a raft D-ring for even more solid footing

    NRS Casting Platform Rear, Small

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