Watershed Colorado Duffel

    The Watershed Colorado duffel is as popular for long-term river tripping as the river it is named after. Used by raft guides around the globe, the Colorado will carry enough gear for one person on a multi day expedition. This bag works equally well as a cartop or pickup bed waterproof bag to provide extra gear storage on road trips. Also works as a storage bag for wet, muddy gear such as waders or drysuits.

    • Weight: 3 lb, 2 oz
    • Capacity: 6400 CU. IN. (105 L)
    • Dimensions: 18"H x 31"L x 16"W
    • Opening Size: 28"
    • Closure Type: ZipDry

    • Rugged carrying handles
    • Several hard lash points
    • Multiple compression straps

    Watershed Colorado Duffel

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    We’ve been using Watershed Dry Bags ever since that time back in early the early 2000s. And year after year the bags continue to completely outperform any other dry bag we’ve seen or heard of. And to top it all off, they even last longer than the old dry bags we used to use. This in spite of the fact that they take a beating out in the sun getting tossed around boats, carried along miles of trails, and brushed and rubbed against rocks all day long on our canyoneering trips. Rock N Water