Aire Sabertooth with 1 Thwart

    The Aire Sabertooth is a frameless cataraft packed with unique features (see more info). Going big R2 style is the the main purpose in this design but it is also an excellent boat for light multi-day trips. Built for two, or, thanks to the included Sabertooth Thwart and you can set up for a total of 4 people.

    • Includes 1 Thwart
    • Length: 12.5'
    • Width: 5.5'
    • Tube Diameter: 20.5"
    • Bow/Stern Rise: 29"
    • Waterline: 93"
    • Thwarts: 1 optional
    • Load Capacity: tba
    • Weight: 80 lbs.
    • Air Chambers: 4
    • Base Fabric: 1670
    • Material Weight Oz/Yd: 35/43
    • Color Options: Orange or White
    • USA Built
    • 4 - Airecells
    • 6 - D-rings
    • 2 - D-ring handles
    • Continuous Curve for seamless bottom
    • Welded
    • Double Zipper
    • Warranty: 10 year "no fault"

    • Dimensions (Be sure the click on the wireframe for all dims) The Sabertooth is aprox 12.5" x 5.5" with a wild, 29" kick. The overall shape and size is big enough for two people with light gear and is perfect for big rivers or small creeks. The bow and stern rise eats up whitewater and crawls over nasty waves and holes (so you can go big!) The kick makes this sporty 12.5" boat feel and maneuver more like a 10.5" boat.
    • Tube design: The Sabertooth is built with four true AIREcells. Each tube has two Airecells that come up into the crosspieces, which makes the boat solid and sturdy.
    • Floor Design: By raising the crosspieces, we raised the floor so it won't drag or catch in the water. The floor is constructed with heavy duty PVC mesh that drains instantly and doesn't stretch. The floor also comes with build in foot cups and a removable foam piece. The foam piece provides knee protection for those who prefer to R2 in a stride position over the optional thwart.
    • Included Thwart: A thwart can be added to the Sabertooth to provide additional bracing options.
    • Handle placement: The Sabertooth is 80 lbs and comes with 4 handles. The handles are positioned in the interior bow and stern so two people can easy pick up and transport the boat.

    Aire Sabertooth with 1 Thwart

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