NRS HD Loop Strap

    Loop straps simplify any tie-down that secures gear to an object such as a raft frame or car rack. Just loop the straps around the bars and secure the buckle over the top of the gear. Particularly handy for securing canoes and kayaks.

    • Webbing Tensile Strength: 1,500
    • Buckle Strength: 2,000 pounds
    • Loops on each end secure straps to almost anything
    • Strap length woven into polypropylene webbing
    • Sold individually

    • These straps are a two-piece system. Each piece has a loop at one end. Buckle piece is 1' long, and the tongue piece is the remaining footage.
    • All strap lengths are measured in feet, denoted by the ' symbol.

    NRS HD Loop Strap

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