NRS Blast Pump

    Why pump by hand if you don't have to? Let the NRS Blast Inflator Pump do the work for you. Its compact size and rugged durability will last for years. This 12-volt pump is capable of inflating to 1.5 psi for a fast and easy inflation. It also deflates making it quick and easy to get your inflatable packed back up. Comes with an adapter to fit a wide variety of valve types. Inlayed rubber insulates from heat and sound while providing a more secure grip. 12 foot power cord allows you to easily inflate your boat near your vehicle. It's easy to deflate with the Blast Pump. There are two ports on the pump - one where the air enters the pump and one where the air blows out. Simply disconnect the nozzle from the outlet side of the pump (it twists on and off) and connect it to the intake side. There is a small hole in the pump nozzle. It's there to prevent back pressure buildup that can cause the pump to overheat. The Alligator clamps allow quick and easy connection to your vehicle's battery.

    • Power: 12-volt
    • Max Inflation: 1.5 psi
    • Dimensions: 5.5"H x 5"W at the base
    • Warranty: 2-year
    • Items Included: Inflates and deflates, Valve adapter, Alligator clamps, 12 foot power cord

    • Never operate Blast with vehicle motor running - can overheat pump due to a higher volt output
    • Using this pump continuously for more than 20 minutes can cause it to overheat
    • Please allow cool down time between uses

    NRS Blast Pump

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